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What is the best concrete for driveways?

Concrete is one of the most common and widely used materials in the construction industry across the globe. The reason for this is that it Is quick and simple to make, low in cost, very strong, and it is versatile. It’s also sustainable and eco-friendly. Concrete can be used for near enough any building project there is including patios, retainer walls, roads, driveways, foundations and much more. 

Many of our customers at RT Mycock contact us to ask about concrete for driveways and what the best mix for a concrete driveway is. 

We would always advise that you need to have at least a strength of 3500 psi compressive strength which is also at least 5-6 inches thick laid over a firm, compact gravel base. The water to cement ratio needs to be in the region of 0.50 and the aggregates less than an inch in size. This will ensure that the concrete used will help to ensure you have a robust and reliable driveway that is strong and doesn’t crack under pressure or in heat.

Driveways are used constantly and must be able to withstand all weather conditions and heavy loads so the concrete mix must be a strong, substantial mix to be able to withhold these pressures.

The concrete we supply at RT Mycock for driveways can be mixed to the above ratios to ensure that the aggregate, sand, cement, and water components are mixed perfectly for a driveway concrete mixture you can be sure will go the distance. 

If you are thinking of having a concrete driveway, we would be more than happy to discuss the options of concrete solutions with you and provide a free, no obligation quote. Contact one of our experts today and we will discuss the options to ensure you get the right mix of concrete for your driveway. 

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