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How much does a 20kg bag of concrete cover? 

When you are purchasing concrete from RT Mycock, we want to ensure that you know exactly how much concrete you will need to complete your project. 

Concrete is used in construction for many projects whether they are residential or commercial. Concrete is used for bridges, reservoirs, dams, roads, driveways, drainage systems, retainer walls, pavements and much more. 

Ready mix concrete is made using cement, sand, and aggregate to ensure a perfect ratio of ingredients to make a strong cement mix for your project. 

We provide concrete in bags for smaller projects and the bags we provide come in 10kg, 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 35kg and 40kg quantities. 

In order to work out how much concrete you will get from a bag of ready mix there is a simple calculation. You need to divide the weight of the concrete bag by 2130 which will give you the volume of the concrete bag in cubic metres. If you want to have the volume in litres, you then times this by 1000. Let’s look at some examples below to see how much a bag of 20KG concrete will cover. 

Yields of a 20 kg bag of concrete

1) Yields of 20kg = 20/ 2130 = 0.00938m3
2) 20kg concrete in litres = 0.00938 × 1000 = 9.38 litres
3) 20kg concrete in gallons = 9.38/ 4.546 = 2.06 gallons.
4) 20kg concrete in cubic feet = 0.00938 × 35.3147 = 0.331 cubic feet
5) 20kg concrete in cubic inches = 0.331 × 1728 = 572 cubic inches.

A 20 kg bag make 0.00938m3, or 9.38 litres, or2.06 gallons, or 0.331 cubic feet of concrete, which approximately equal as 572 cubic inches, which will cover around 2 square feet or 0.18m2 at 2″ (50mm) thick.

This is the easiest way to work out exactly how much a 20kg concrete bag will cover. However, if you do have a requirement for concrete our friendly team are happy to work this out for you. Contact us with the measurements of your project and we will work out exactly he precise amount of concrete that you will require. Let us do the work for you after all we are the experts. 

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