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How do I order concrete online? 

Ordering concrete online from RT Mycock could not be easier. We have an easy online quote which will provide you with a precise price for concrete you require which can then be submitted to us for next day delivery. 

Our guide for ordering concrete online will help to ensure you get exactly what you required, delivered to your construction site when you require. 

  • Calculate the volume of the concrete that you need. This is done by measuring the depth, width, and height of your trench. You will need to ensure that you make sure you allow for deviation. 
  • Use a groundworker to excavate your trenches so that they are accurate and straight and well placed. This will mean you do not have to use more concrete than is necessary.
  • Ensure that the ratio of ingredients is specific to your needs we will ensure this is looked after for you. Concrete is made up of water, cement, and aggregates. 
  • The drawings and design of your project will allow us to make the concrete in accordance with your specific requirements.
  •  Ensure that you let us know about the access to your site when ordering concrete online so we can advise you on whether it is best to use a pump.

If you click here, you can look at our online quote system which will allow you to enter the measurements for your required area for concrete. Once we have provided a quote our friendly team can contact you to place your order, or you can order your concrete online with ease. If you have any queries about placing an order for concrete online, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team today. We cover Derbyshire, Staffordshire, Cheshire and Greater Manchester. We offer next day delivery for most orders of concrete placed online. 

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