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Sand and cement screed for cost effective flooring solutions

If you have an uneven floor then there is risk for falls, trips and stumbles as well As not looking very appealing. 

Using floor screed can help to eliminate bumps ensuring a smooth finish that looks good and makes the floor safer. 

There are a few types of screeds however we believe that the best is sand and cement screed. 

Sand and cement screed can be used for large scale commercial projects through to domestic projects including new builds and renovation projects. Fibres and meshes can also be added to reduce and cracks and shrinkages. 

What types of sand and cement screed are available –

  • Fibre reinforced – Polyproylene fibres are added to the sand and cement screed which helps to reduce cracks. It is used mainly in construction.
  • Higher strength sand and cement – Additives are added to bring the pressure resistance to 30Nmm2. It is a higher strength screed and can also be used a topper.
  • Quick drying sand and cement screed – This contains additives to lower the drying time which is great for those on a tight deadline. 

What are the benefits of sand and cement screed – 

  • Versatile – It is super versatile and can be used on suspended or in situ floors. It can be used as toppers or as a final finish.
  • Durable – Sand and cement screed is proven to be super durable. 
  • Energy efficient – screed can be used to encase underfloor heating and distribute heat evenly. 
  • Affordable – sand and cement screed is cheaper to produce than other types of floor screed

If you have a requirement for screed then contact our experts at RT Mycock and we will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and help you with your sand and cement screed needs. 

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