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Concrete pumping – The ultimate solution for efficient and cost effective construction

Here at RT Mycock we hire concrete pumps for construction projects across the North West. Here we will look at why you should consider hiring a concrete pump for your project and how this will benefit you. 

Benefits of concrete pumping.

If you have been hired for a construction project in a residential property and there is no direct access to the area, you need to lay your concrete which means you are unable to transport the concrete using wheelbarrows or mini dumpers. This is where concrete pump hire is a lifesaver. The concrete pump can be passed through the house into the garden with little disruption. Concrete pumps also help to reach hard to access areas such as narrow entrances and basements.  

Fast and efficient: 

Not only does concrete pumping allow you to access hard to reach areas they are also brilliant to help to save time. Concrete pumps can pump one cubic metre of concrete every minute. This helps to allow you to meet deadlines and pump large amounts of concrete for big projects in little time. Using ready mix concrete in a concrete pump is much less tie consuming and hassle than mixing yourself and using wheelbarrows to transfer the concrete to the designated area. 


Concrete pumps can be used on a wide range of building sites and for all different projects meaning they are versatile and are able to be used on large scale commercial projects as well as residential projects. Large volumes of concrete can be delivered in a short space of time using concrete pumps meaning deadlines can be4 met. The concrete can be mixed to the specific amount for the job which also means less waste and more economically viable.

All in all, using concrete pumping is the ultimate solution for efficient and cost effective construction. If you require concrete and are looking to hire a concrete pump contact us today. 

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