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The benefits of concrete pump hire

Many construction companies are now choosing to hire a concrete pump for their concrete requirements for building projects. Here we will look at the benefits of concrete pump hire for construction projects. 

  • Productivity and efficiency is increased by hiring a concrete pump. This is due to the placement of the concrete being much faster and more precise. This therefore means that you will not require as much manual labour. In turn your project will be completed in a more timely manner which will also ensure you save on costs. You can reach much harder to access areas with a concrete pump along with higher areas. The flexibility of the hose will also mean that you can lay the concrete around obstacles and objects. The concrete pump allows you to release just the right amount of concrete which also reduces waste making it more cost effective and a neater more precise finish.
  • Accuracy and precision is also much easier with concrete pump hire as the pump is controlled and managed by technology making the delivery of the concrete much more accurate. The flow of the concrete is consistent and will make sure that the finish is more even than using manual labour.  The concrete placement is much more precise as it is done using remote operation which means there is less room for error. Spillages are also reduced as the pump is mechanical so the concrete will be placed exactly where it is required in the right amount.  
  • Lower costs can be achieved by using concrete pump hire as the placement of the concrete is much more precise and this means less waste which in turn means there will be less waste which will save on costs. Also spillages are less which also will reflect in cost savings. Manual labour is reduced by using concrete pump hire so a further saving is made here.
  • By hiring a concrete pump, you will decrease the amount of labour intense work this will mean that not only will you save cost the finish of the project will be to a higher standard due to the precise amount and placing of the concrete. There is also a reduction in the likelihood of physical strain and injury of your workforce which can help retain staff and ensure projects are finished on time.

Overall there are many benefits of using concrete pump hire over manual traditional methods of concrete distribution. If you are in construction and would like to know more we would love to hear from you. 

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