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What is the purpose of floor screed?

When you are carrying out a construction project the most important thing to many is the cost and
ensuring the most cost-effective approach possible whilst still getting great results.

Underfloor heating is coming more and more popular to help with this as it distributes heat evenly and can
result in lower energy costs which is vital in the current climate.

If you are installing underfloor heating, then you will come across the term floor screed. Here we will
look at the purpose of floor screed and what it is.

What is floor screed?

Floor screed is applied to a solid floor base, insulation layers or concrete

What is it made of? Floor screed is like concrete and is produced using cement and sharp sand. It
can include latex products and binders and water also.

What is floor screed used for?

Floor screed helps to level out concrete base floors when they are uneven. It helps with the finish and the drying process of the floor. Floor screed is used to cover pipes for underfloor heating, and this helps with the heat distribution.

What types of floor screed can you get? There are four main types of floor screed which are;

  • Self-levelling compound – If you have a sensitive floor finish screed is used between 1mm and 40mm to help with the levelling.
  • Traditional – This is the most used floor screed and helps to level the surface, usually used with cement floors.
  • Liquid screed – This is free flowing screed and is used in both commercial and domestic flooring.
  • Reinforced screed –This floor screed helps to support stress on the screed to ensure no cracks, curling and shrinkage effects the flooring.

Floor screed is used in many construction projects including schools, hospitals, houses, retail
outlets and airports. If you would like to find out more about floor screed or need a supply of
floor screed, contact us today for more information.

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