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Sustainable concrete solutions for greener construction

When working in construction it is at the forefront of many businesses minds about the effect on the environment and the challenges faced to become more sustainable. Concrete has always been a concern for contributing to the carbon footprint due to its excessive use within the construction industry.

Concrete is used within most construction projects this is due to it being extremely durable, strong and very versatile. Concrete uses aggregates, sand and water in its production process and has been widely thought of as being a main contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

More recently newer types of concrete are being though of and developed to help to become more environmentally friendly whilst still maintaining I strength and durability.

Here we look at some of the newer, more sustainable types of concrete being developed.

Recycled concrete

Concrete using recycled aggregates reduces the demand for using new material and will also help to minimise waste. This therefore helps to decrease the CO2 emissions and give a new lease of life to materials that otherwise would have ended up as landfill.

Wood based concrete

Wood based concrete is a new formula of concrete using cement, water and wood which also helps to reduce the carbon footprint.

Low carbon concrete

Low carbon concrete is being developed by replacing a proportion of limestone which is commonly used in concrete and needs to be heated to high temperatures which in turn increases CO2 emissions. By using clay or blast furnace slag in its place the carbon footprint can be decreased.

Edible concrete

This concrete innovation is still pending however research is taking place to develop concrete using food waste into durable and edible cement which is also biodegradable. This is a long way off though.

Here at RT Mycock & Sons we are always wanting to ensure that our processes are as environmentally friendly as possible. You can count on us to be a company you can trust for your concrete needs whilst ensuring sustainability is improving at all times. Contact us today for more information how we can help you with your concrete needs.

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