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Concrete: How to create the perfect mix

Mixing, pouring and perfecting concrete 

When you use concrete, you will need to mix the dry concrete with water to make the chemical reaction that causes the concrete to cure. Here we will look at how to mix, pour and correct the way every time.

It may seem simple to mix concrete, but this is the time concrete mostly goes wrong but following our tips you will perfect your concrete mix.

When you mix water with Portland cement to make a paste hydration starts which will cause the concrete to go hard. The Portland cement is formed into crystals to form a dense lattice. Using the correct amount of water will help to make strong concrete. If you use to much or little the concrete is weakened. 

Hydration takes 28 days for the full strength to be reached however it is usually hardened and able to withstand weight after 48 hours. 

Before mixing:

Before you start your mix, you need to ensure you will be ready to pour straight away as you do not want it to start hardening before you pour. Ensure you have plenty of room and get your water ready, you will need a dust mask, eye protection and gloves. 

Adding the water:

The water added is called the cement to water ratio. If you make the mix to wet although it’s easier to pour it will not be as strong. The lower the water ratio the stronger the concrete. Add dry concrete to a sturdy bucked and make a well in the middle add your water to make sure it is a good consistency.

Following these steps should give you a perfect concrete mix ready to use and make a strong sturdy structure. If you have a requirement for concrete contact our friendly team today and we can discuss your needs and provide you with some friendly advice and tips.

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