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Concrete design trends for modern living 

Concrete has been used for many years in the construction industry, but modern living designs are now using concrete as a trendy material for modern designs within the home. Concrete adds an industrial edge and modern style to appliances and furniture and is becoming increasingly popular. Concrete is extremely versatile so we thought we would look at some of the ways in which concrete is used for modern living. 

Combination with other materials:

Concrete when used in industry is combined with other materials to make sure it is strong and durable. Within he home concrete can be used to make lovely modern features. Many pieces using concrete in the home will combine with wood, plastic to make contemporary pieces within the home.

Concrete contrast:

Concrete used within the home is aesthetically pleasing creating a great modern contrast to metal, white walls, bathrooms and more. Concrete additions to the home really do add a modern vibe. 

Cube designs:

Concrete can be cast into moulds and shaped to create different shapes within the home. Cube designs using concrete are increasing in popularity within the home and garden. 

Art and décor:

Using concrete for art is modern and abstract. Using moulds and casts artwork using concrete can add a modern twist to the home for unique wall art. 

Concrete accessories:

Using concrete for accessories is becoming more popular and designers can become creative using concrete as it is easy to work with. Concrete plates, candle holders, lamps and planters are just a few things modern designers can use concrete to create. 

Concrete for planters:

Using concrete for planters is becoming popular and can help transform your garden into a modern escape. Using plants and foliage within a concrete planter can transform the home or garden.

To find out more about concrete and how you can use it to modernise your home contact us today. 

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